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LARRY: Doug-Out Medal Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - March 17th, 2010

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LARRY: Doug-Out is a game where you serve drinks to customers, and beat the everliving snot out of the town drunk. Really, it's a game that should have come out on St. Patrick's Day, so on St. Patrick's Day is when I write the walkthrough.

There are three things you can upgrade, being the quality of your ale, the quality of your weapon, and your storage capacity.

Ale Quality:
You can upgrade this 9 times, and it will increase how much money you get for each sale. Upgrade costs are $30, $60, $120, $200, $300, $420, $550, $700, and $900, and there's a medal waiting for you when you finish.

You can upgrade this 4 times, and it will decrease how many times you have to hit Doug in the face to get rid of him. It will not halve the amount of hits, but it will decrease it, and there's a medal waiting for you when you finish upgrading it. The weapons are as follows:

Start: fist
$100: stick
$250: 2x4
$500: hammer
$1000: large hammer

Storage Capacity:
This adds a full keg to your storeroom, and you can do it 4 times. The cost to add a keg doesn't go up, so when it's time to fill a keg but you're low on funds, you can do it this way instead. Upgrade costs are $40, $80, $120, and $180, and there is no medal for doing so, so unless you want the high capacity to ensure getting the $2000 medal it may not be worth it.

Gameplay is explained thoroughly at the start of the game, so I'll just cover some tips and tricks here.

The Game Gets Unforgiving: As you progress through the game, overfilling will overfill by more and more, and underfilling will get you less and less money while using closer and closer to the full amount of ale. Eventually you'll get to the point where you can underfill by a tiny amount and get $0 for it, or overfill to the point where you empty an entire keg into a single bucket or wineskin. This, coupled with the increasing speed of the meter that indicates how much you're pouring in, makes the game really hard to keep up with in later levels. Also Doug will drink more and more of your ale at a time, eventually reaching the point where he's drinking more than half a keg each time.

General Strategy: In order to ensure that you can survive long enough to get the harder medals, remember that you only really need to keep one keg in the back, not all of them. That means you won't have to guess which one Doug's popping out of, because it will always be the same one, and as long as you upgrade the quality of your ale regularly you'll be able to keep up with the refilling cost without any problem.

Dealing With Doug: You don't need to be at the bar in order for Doug to come around, you just need to be outside the back room. You also don't need to be at the bar in order to head to the back room; you can be on your way to the bar and click the right side of the screen, and you will return to the back room (unless you're carrying a keg). This means you can get the jump on Doug by anticipating when he will show up, and walking back and forth through the door of the back room until you hear his stupid laugh. This method is required in order to stop Doug from drinking any of your ale in later levels.

More Dealing With Doug Faster: If you only have one keg for him to pop out of, you can take advantage of that by spam-clicking it. After you hit him the first time, it takes him time to descend back into the keg, but you can still click on him because his head is still showing. This means you can already be on your way down in your attack by the time his head starts popping up, and the timing is such that you'll always hit him, which means you can deal with him much more quickly than when you wait for him to pop out of one of many kegs and have to move the mouse over to him.

Avoiding Doug Entirely: If you'd rather simply not risk Doug in the first place, only have one keg stocked and go get it before he shows up. You'll lose some potential profit from the overflow as you pour a full keg into a most likely half-full keg, but you won't have to deal with Doug, and at later levels he takes quite a lot of ale each time he drinks, as well as taking a long time to get rid of. It basically comes down to whether you think it's worth it.

Preposterous Funds: Starting on roughly level 22, you can get significantly more money than you're supposed to get by filling your customers' cups at the very bottom of the drink gauge, rather than at the middle where you're expected to click. This makes the $2000 in a day medal incredibly easy. Unfortunately, this isn't always the money bug that happens; sometimes you'll get less than full value for overfilling instead, to the point where at level 30 you empty an entire keg into a single wineskin and get $13 for it. If you don't get this bug the way you want it, then you'll just have to play the old fashioned way: carefully.

Doug Time
I tracked when in the day Doug shows up, for the first 30 days. Where it says (time done + x:xx) that means the amount of time between getting rid of him the first time, and having him show up for the next round; so on day 11, for instance, I finished dealing with him at 10:25, and then 1:35 passed and he showed up again.

I only tracked the first 2 times he shows up, because I use the 1 keg method which means that's all he ever gets to do, but he will keep showing up throughout the day at the same interval between finishing with him the first time and the second time he shows up. Note: These times are approximate, and when Doug shows up seems based on how much time you spend outside the back room, rather than how long between hitting him; my time measurements below assume walking straight out and back when appropriate, with no wasted time.

Day 1: 12:30
Day 2: 12:00
Day 3: 11:00
Day 4: 10:40, 2:10
Day 5: 10:25, 1:35
Day 6: 10:10, 1:05
Day 7: 10:00, 1:40 (time done + 2:10)
Day 8: 9:50, 12:55 (time done + 1:55)
Day 9: 9:45, 12:45 (time done + 1:45)
Day 10: 9:35, 12:15 (time done + 1:40)
Day 11: 9:30, 12:00 (time done + 1:35)
Day 12: 9:25, 11:55 (time done + 1:30)
Day 13: 9:20, 11:40 (time done + 1:25)
Day 14: 9:20, 11:35 (time done + 1:25)
Day 15: 9:15, 11:20 (time done + 1:15)
Day 16: 9:10, 11:15 (time done + 1:15)
Day 17: 9:05, 11:15 (time done + 1:15)
Day 18: 9:00, 11:10 (time done + 1:15)
Day 19: 9:00, 10:55 (time done + 1:05)
Day 20: 8:55, 10:25 (time done + 0:50)
Day 21: 8:55, 10:20 (time done + 1:00)
Day 22: 8:50, 10:15 (time done + 0:55)
Day 23: 8:50, 10:10 (time done + 0:55)
Day 24: 8:50, 10:05 (time done + 0:50)
Day 25: 8:45, 10:05 (time done + 0:50)
Day 26: 8:45, 10:00 (time done + 0:45)
Day 27: 8:45, 9:55 (time done + 0:45)
Day 28: 8:45, 9:50 (time done + 0:45)
Day 29: 8:40, 9:50 (time done + 0:40)
Day 30: 8:40, 9:55 (time done + 0:40)

Medals (7 medals, 270pts)

Best Quality In Town (10pts) - Max upgrades in ale quality. This will cost a total of $3280.

Maxed Weapons (10pts) - Max upgrades in weapons. This will cost a total of $1850.

Bloody Doug (25pts) - Beat Doug to his bloodiest. How many hits this takes depends on which weapon you're using, but you'll likely get the medal within the first 5 or 6 days.

Perfect Run (25pts) - Beat a level past day 5 without losing any ale from Doug. The actual requirements are different. What you actually need to do in order to get this medal is to fight off Doug on a level past day 5, having not lost any ale up to that point! So if you lose any ale to him at all within the first 5 levels, you're going to have a lot of tutorial screens in your future. The most sure-fire way to get this medal is to exhaust your first barrel on day 1, and then walk to the back room and wait for the day to end. On day 2, refill your barrel and give out 3 or 4 drinks, then walk to the back room and wait for the day to end. Starting on day 3 keep the front barrel full and one barrel in the back, then hand out about 3 drinks, then go to the back and refill your keg, to avoid Doug entirely. On day 6, anticipate when he will appear (estimated times are above), and go back and forth between the front and the back room (but not all the way to the front; just alternate clicking on either side and let your dude get dizzy) until he shows up. Fend him off, and you will receive the medal.

Endurance Master (50pts) - Last up to day 15. Using the single keg method, this is extremely easy.

Maxed Money (50pts) - Earn over $2000 in one day. If you get the preposterous funds bug as listed above, all you have to do for this medal is wait until day 22 or so and click at the bottom of the gauge. If you don't want to rely on that, however, you'll have to be quick when hitting Doug and accurate when filling ale, which basically means you'll want to max out your weapon and ale as quickly as possible.

Massive Score (100pts) - Reach a score of 1 million. You'll most likely get this around day 19.

LARRY: Doug-Out Medal Walkthrough


When you need to refill a keg, sometimes it's better to buy a whole new one as it is cheaper than refilling.

There's really no point in upgrading your weapons since Doug becomes uber pain resistant in the later levels; and will most likely drink your kegs up befor you can finish playing wack a mole with his head.