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How can this be your second animation ever when you have two previous movies on NG?

It's hard to tell what's going on. That's a problem.

Klipus responds:

Hm I see .... thank's for the comment , I'll try to make it more clearer next time ! :)

It's actually upsetting how accurate this appears to be.

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I was reviewing my videos on YouTube, and found my 37mil full combo video. I think upwards of 40mil is possible - has anyone done it? Or was I 10 years ago the only one crazy enough to try to optimize and full combo this game?


After sinking more time into this than I should have, I found out your game does not support blocks larger than 2048. I worked very hard to get a 4196 block, and when I finally got there, the two 2048s didn't merge. Fix that, allow for blocks up to 33568, and your game will be a great clone of the original.

It's not bad for what it is. It's significantly harder to tie than it is to win though; I found a pattern that guarantees a win in 8 moves every game, but it took me over an hour to figure out how to draw.

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Awesome song

And you are an extremely talented musician

Good job

All the instruments work well together, I like it.


I like it. Best on Newgrounds? Maybe.

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I like the shading

The proportions seem a little off though. In the eyes, for instance, the near one is significantly larger than the rear, and the far cheek looks enlarged. Lots of promise though.


The drawing needs some work, but I really like the world. This could either go somewhere very dark, or somewhere very sweet and funny.

Luxembourg responds:

Well, yeah, like I said, this is me trying out something new. If you want to see better drawings, go look at the other things I have in the portal. I'll try and give future installments better art.
I could see it going either way, too. I haven't planned much farther ahead than this on this story. I think I'm going to end up leading it somewhere nicer rather than meaner, though, just because that's my artistic disposition, for the most part.
I think I'm going to do an image for each of the characters, as introductions, next.
Thanks for the review and the score.


True love at last. Zombies need love too.

flunkedy responds:

yes they do yes yes they do!

Deploy the... I think it's a yellow button... it's usually flashing... it makes the engines go... WHOOSH!

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