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Quit Yer Bitching

Posted by DiMono - March 10th, 2012

I'm tired of new artists who upload a game or movie and announce "This is my first Flash, be kind" or something similar, as if it being your first flash is supposed to make us more lenient in our judgment. I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear: We are not here to make you feel good.

If you're uploading your very first ever Flash, what the hell is wrong with you? You know it sucks. You know that we'll think it sucks. So why would you want our first exposure to your work to be something that everyone on the planet already knows is a piece of shit?

If anything, we should be harder on you for being stupid enough to upload your first attempt. Announcing it to us is not a signal to us for leniency, it is a signal to us that you're an idiot and need to be treated harshly for it.

If you are not proud of it, you should not be uploading it. Don't try to get us to take pity on your crappy Flash because it's your first one; understand that because your Flash is crappy we are going to make damn well sure we tell you it's crappy.

Unless you're one of the very few people in this world who happen to spit out a masterpiece their first time around, keep your first 10 Flashes to yourself. And if your submission gets blammed, don't bitch and moan about it, just accept that it was garbage and be better the next time around.

We are here to make you feel bad about yourself so that you can learn that you suck and get better the next time. And we are very good at our job. Now stop whining and get back to work.


I agree that they shouldn't bitch about having their flash blammed, but I don't agree on the undertone that they shouldn't upload it. Newgrounds is also for gaining feedback on your flashes, and I sometimes review first flash if there's something useful I can say about it. They might get better because of that, and then submit higher quality flashes.

I don't think many authors who submit their first mediocre flash want people to think that they're a great animator. They either want (a little bit of) money, or feedback. And for both of those points it's better that they upload it.