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EON Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - March 15th, 2010

Wylina's Medal Games Table of Contents

EON is a very relaxing game where you direct matter from one mass to another, and although you're allowed to cross the streams they still need to end up in the right places. All the medals are for finishing the game, finishing levels "under par," and voting on user levels, so rather than do a detailed text walkthrough of each level or something weird like that, I'm going to link you to screenshots of my solutions for each level, post what Par is, and then describe the medals.

First, though, I need to explain a little bit about the game mechanics so you know what you're doing. There are five things besides the background which can appear on the screen:

1) Planets. These gas giants are circles which start the level filled in, and they are where the matter you will be shifting around comes from.

2) Collection Rings. These are your targets, and they look the part. Any matter that leaves a planet and does not pass through an appropriately coloured collection ring is considered "lost matter."

3) Gravity Wells. These are the things you place on the screen in order to get the job done. Click once to place, click and drag to move one that's already there, double-click to remove. Matter will be drawn toward these, and arc on past them.

4) Black Holes. These are large, non-movable gravity wells that suck up matter which enters them, rather than letting the matter move on by. Matter must move around these to get where it's going.

5) Combination Moons. I don't know what the real name for them is, but if you stream two different colours of matter into them, and there is a gravity well nearby, the colours will mix into a new colour. The matter follows the rules of the primary colours of light, so the combinations are:

Red + Blue = Magenta
Green + Blue = Cyan
Red + Green = Yellow

There are three categories which are scored on each level. Time is how long it takes you to stabilize the system, meaning to get matter streaming steadily from planets to collection rings. Wells Used is how many gravity wells were on screen when the system stabilized. If you remove a well from the screen just before the system becomes stable, you can make Wells Used read lower than the number it actually took. This is required for getting some of the levels under par. Matter Lost is how much matter left a planet, but never made it to a corresponding collection ring for whatever reason.

I've uploaded 27 JPG screenshots of my solutions for each level to this directory on my webserver, as well as the Photoshop file I used to collect them. To use them, I recommend starting the game, and then opening your favourite image program and aligning things so that when you open the next level solution, it will automatically be aligned so that it lines up with the game area. I determined this by lining up the text in the bottom left corner when playing a level. Then you can Alt-Tab between the solution and the game, lining your mouse up on the solution, switching to the game, and clicking to place the gravity well, repeating as necessary.

NOTE: These may not be the best solutions, they're just the ones I used. Some of them require a little patience for the system to stabilize, and sometimes the game throws a fit and for whatever reason just refuses to have the wells affect matter in the same way as they did in the screenshot. If that happens, just move the affected wells around one pixel at a time until you get them where you need them. If you have a more elegant solution for a level, please let me know and email me a screenshot of it, and if I add it to this walkthrough I will give you credit for it. Especially level 23.

Screenshot Updates
Better level 18 solution from EdyKel
Better level 23 solution from EdyKel
Level 26 with 4 wells from EdyKel and made more reliable by myself
NOT A SOLUTION for level 27, just something I was able to do that looks pretty. Found this while messing around with a screenshot from EdyKel which I wasn't able to get working as a level solution for myself.

When placing the gravity wells, the order in which they are placed is relevant for minimizing your matter loss. Here's the order I recommend:

1) Wells that will not draw matter from a planet. Drawing matter from a moon is okay.

2) Wells which will feed into a combination moon. This is because on some levels, namely level 23, the third colour may intersect the moon as well, and when all 3 are hitting the moon at once it becomes inactive; getting the moon firing first is important for stabilizing the system.

3) Wells which draw matter from a planet that will not go to a combination moon.

When placing wells in steps 2 and 3, place the wells that will lead matter on the longest trip first. So for instance, on level 25, you would first place the well for the moon, then the well for the blue planet, and then the well for the red planet, because the blue matter has farther to travel.

When you need to remove a gravity well in order to be under par, remove one from step 3. If there are two appropriate gravity wells that can be removed, figure out which matter stream takes longer to get to its first collection ring, and remove the well that draws that matter from the planet. There are two instances where you need to remove 2 wells, being levels 3 and 17. For level 3, remove the well that draws the matter from the planet, and then remove the next one in line. For level 17, remove the two in the middle, but be fast! In general, removing a gravity well takes really good timing, so don't get too frustrated if you don't get it the first time.

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Getting Under Par
In order to get a hole under par, you need to do it in no more than a certain amount of time, gravity wells, and lost matter. For a hole to be considered under par, you need to get all three categories under par at the same time, in the same play of the level. So you can't get time and matter under par in one play, restart and get gravity wells on the next one. In the game, you need to finish the level before finding out what the par values are. Or, you can just read what's below.

Level: Time/Wells/Matter (location on map)
Level 1: 0:09/0/5 (inner blue)
Level 2: 0:15/2/300 (inner red)
Level 3: 0:50/2/600 (inner green)
Level 4: 0:30/3/500 (middle left red)
Level 5: 0:20/2/500 (middle right red)
Level 6: 0:20/2/150 (middle purple)
Level 7: 0:30/3/500 (middle left blue)
Level 8: 0:10/0/4 (middle right blue)
Level 9: 0:40/2/750 (middle light blue)
Level 10: 0:10/0/2 (middle left green)
Level 11: 0:45/2/1000 (middle right green)
Level 12: 0:25/0/500 (middle yellow)
Level 13: 0:20/3/300 (outer left red)
Level 14: 0:40/3/1800 (outer center red)
Level 15: 0:25/3/800 (outer right red)
Level 16: 1:30/6/6500 (outer left purple)
Level 17: 1:00/2/1500 (outer right purple)
Level 18: 1:00/4/5000 (outer left blue)
Level 19: 0:45/2/2000 (outer center blue)
Level 20: 0:45/3/2500 (outer right blue)
Level 21: 0:15/3/700 (outer left light blue)
Level 22: 1:00/6/6500 (outer right light blue)
Level 23: 0:30/3/2000 (outer left green)
Level 24: 0:40/3/1400 (outer center green)
Level 25: 2:20/3/11500 (outer right green)
Level 26: 0:50/5/4000 (outer left yellow)
Level 27: 1:10/5/10000 (outer right yellow)

Medals (10 medals, 445pts)
Before I list the medals, some notes on them: For the "rate x user levels" medals, you can just rate the same level over and over again, but you must finish the level in order to rate it. So pick an easy one, and go to it. Also, the first "under par" medal refers specifically to level 1, not to the first level in which you happen to get all 3 categories under par. nosesocks has done some research and found that it seems you need to get all the levels under par on the same playthrough of the game in order to get the 100% medal; you can't do 12 levels, take a break, then come back later and do the other 13, you have to do them all in one sitting. The rest of the medals are very self explanatory.

Judge (10pts): Rate 5 or more user levels

Pilgrim (10pts): Complete the entire first ring of levels

Explorer (25pts): Complete the entire first and second ring of levels

Junior (25pts): Complete the first level under par in all three categories

Jury (25pts): Rate 50 or more user levels

Amateur (50pts): Complete 5 or more levels under par in all three categories

Legend (50pts): Complete all three rings of levels

Pro (50pts): Complete 15 or more levels under par in all three categories

Champion (100pts): Complete all levels under par in all three categories

Executioner (100pts): Rate 100 or more user levels

EON Walkthrough


Thank you for putting this together. I did some investigation today after having all sorts of issues with the under par medals. I think if you exit the game and come back, it restarts all the "beat par" values per level to "false". I think you have to do them all in one sit down, or you get nothing. I'm going to investigate further and PM the author if this is the case.

Another great guide, chris-marks!

I'm still not clear on the requirements for getting the last two par medals (champion & Pro). I have the other two, but I used a different method that seemed to work for me; and that was quite different from your method of doing them in one setting and any one level. The method I used was to do level 1, 4, and 13. for the first medal, and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,13,14,15,16, and 17 for the second. I don't believe I did them in one setting, either. Just to see if your method worked I just did the first 15 under par again. Nothing. It didn't work. So, I guess I'll try to do the rest again and see what happens....

The method I use to get par scores is this: After I find the right placement for wells, I kept the cursor over one of them and placed a piece of sticky on the rest. It worked pretty well for me.

As for sending you images of how I solved certain level puzzles, I can do that. It might take some time since my old computer has trouble playing and taking screen shots of the game at the same time. It's too much for it.:)

I've added your solutions to levels 18 and 23.

Every level under par in one sitting?


Are they nuts!?