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Medals I'm Missing

Posted by DiMono - April 12th, 2010

So I made this list of medals I don't have, along with why I don't have them. If you know one or some of these medals are easier/less grindy than I think, and have advice, please do let me know in comments so I can attempt them.


Mechanical Commando 2:
Boss Run (50) - broken
Golden Commando (100) - will take too long

Punk-o-matic 2: Cover Band (50) - way too hard at that speed

zOMGies: Boom! (10) - broken

Santa Fu!: Santa Fu Master (50) - Oh, the GRIND!

Kill Kar 2: Kustomized (25) - broken

Dale & Peakot:
Big Winner (100), It's Impossible To... (100) - grind

Level Up!: Insomniac (50) - grind

MonsterTime: You Da Man (100) - Fucking Hard

T E T R I S ' D: Ninja (100) - damn hard

Miami Shark: Sailor (50) - grind

Medieval Rampage 2: All Achievements (100) - grind

Fig. 8: Professional (50) - broken

Cheating Death (50), Dadgamer (100) - grind

Knightfall 2: Grandmaster Flash (100) - working on it, off and on

Epic Battle Fantasy 2:
Minigamer 1 (10), Minigamer 2 (10), Minigamer 3 (25) - grind

Bomb Diggity: Most (365) - I'm bad at this game

When Pigs Fly:
Halfway Home (50), All The Way Home (100) - I'm bad at this game

William and Sly: Sly Fox (100) - grind

Beetle Battle (100), Secret Medal (100) - Fucking hard

Epic War 3: All (460) - GRIND

Drop the Bomb:
Bomb Squad (10), Someone Set Us Up The Bomb (25) - broken?

D-Day Defender:
Get Out More (100), Master Tactician (100) - grind (I actually achieved Master Tactician, but the medal didn't come with the in-game achievement)

Seed of Destruction: I Am Illiterate (10) - broken

Medieval Rampage: 100 Achievements (100) - grind

Red Moon:
Orb Hunter (100), Red Moon Deity (100) - grind

Sonny 2: All (235) - grind

Doom Triple Pack: All (320) - grind

SeoMX Skating Video V2: All (10) - broken

Alkie Kong 2:
Full Case (50), Olympian (50), Survivalist (50), Drunken Deity (100) - grind

Tower of Greed
Invisible Runner (had a hunch I'd get this if I tried today)
M-Bot The Game
Extreme Gardening
Kill Kar 2 (non-broken medals)
Fig. 8 (non-broken medals)
Wee Express
Portal Defenders
Epic Battle Fantasy
Armed Prophet
Save The Goons


I'm only missing one :P
And that's M-Bot's go into K-9 mode thrice.

Just a few things I've come across for some of those medals...

Wee Express:
Toilet King (100) - not hard at all, just boring as hell. The trick is to hold down the shift button to increase the spread and hit large areas of crap over and over. Doing all this while remaining near inebriated through out most of the level not only helps to slow down time but it keeps you going. :3

Red Moon:
Orb Hunter (100) - Maybe a glitch, but you don't need to collect every orb on every level like the description says, you just need to collect, or recollect, a 100 orbs.

Tower of Greed:
Master Of Greed (100) - There's an easy way to get this one without all the grind. Just go to the clear data option in the game and clear data. do this a couple of times then play. The medals repeat, and after awhile you'll get this medal. I did it when I lost all my saved game data for NG and it worked pretty well.

Hope some of this helps.

I think I'm better at them than you because I have some that you find hard. I dunno, like I have all those pigs fly, lastman... I just can't be fucked getting them all anymore...

...congratulations? I mostly put this here for my own tracking.