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Escaping the Prison Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - April 14th, 2010

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Escaping the Prison is an interactive movie, like a choose your own adventure. It's also adorable.

Sneaky: File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Chair -> Right -> Plungers
Badass: Drill -> Crowbar -> Down -> Left -> Click in time
Legal: Cellphone -> Bag

Rocket Launcher
NrG Drink (donut get before your dude grabs it)
File -> Window
File -> Door -> Nothing
File -> Door -> Click left -> Nothing
File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Grenades
File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Chair -> Left (3 donut get from the table on the left)
File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Chair -> Right -> Rocket pack
File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Chair -> Right -> Rope
File -> Door -> Click left -> Click right -> Chair -> Right -> Parachute
Drill (bagel get on the shelf) -> Opaquometer (donut get from the desk as you go through the jail)
Drill -> Crowbar -> Nothing
Drill -> Crowbar -> Up
Drill -> Crowbar -> Down -> Nothing
Drill -> Crowbar -> Down -> Down (Medal get: LOL Brawl Reference)
Drill -> Crowbar -> Down -> Left -> Nothing
Cellphone -> Anything but the bag

Medals (7 medals, 340 points)
LOL Brawl Reference (5pts) - ROFL ROFL ROFL. Drill -> Crowbar -> Down -> Down

Legal Ending (25pts) - Break out the legal way. Legal ending as above

Badass Ending (50pts) - Break out the badass way. Badass ending as above

Sneaky Ending (50pts) - Break out the sneaky way. Sneaky ending as above

Donut Want! (100pts) - Or do you? Get any 10 donuts as outlined above. You will have to repeat some. Don't know if the bagel counts.

Lots of Effort (100pts) - Find all 18 FAILs. As listed above

Secret Medal (10pts) - Shhh... it's a secret. It sure is

Escaping the Prison Walkthrough


i get a feeling you just can't make enough walkthroughs, correct?


Correction: Getting 10 of any sort of donuts will get you the donut want medal. For instance, you can replay the NrG drink scene 10 times, click the donut on each run and still get the medal.

Thanks, updated.

Where the hell do I have to click for the secret medal?
I tried every single area of the game, including links to userpages and other sites, credits, anything.
Where the fuck is it?

look at the last of the newgrounds medal thread. I put how to get it there.

Thanks, I forgot the stupid don't do anything when you can do the matrix flip on the wall or slip on the ground fail. I always picked an option there.

Its JetPack. Just nitpicking.

The secret ending is in the sneaky ending. Be sure to look the picture for clues.

thanks for the guide dude!

Cellphone -> Anything but the bag-isn`t a fail dumb pants

Yes it is. I know, I tried them all. And you only have to do one non-bag option to get credit for the fail, so you don't have to watch the same clip 5 times.

Thanks Chris-Marks :)

What is the secret medal!?!? Plz tell me.. :(

maxbintd1 is rite nothing is a fail in the before the legal escape!!!

This is how you can get the medals!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhYkJxTb-GI&feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhYkJx Tb-GI&feature=related</a>

the secret medal is a tough one, SUNny jim

Plz tell me how I can get the secret medal.

Did anyone realise one of the medals are false! :P JS

the secret medal is when you click the sun in the sneaky ending.

You have to explain with deatils, how to get the breakout the badass way.