Do you ever get the feeling...

2012-08-19 03:36:06 by DiMono

like you're the only person on the planet who isn't a complete retard?

In the last week, I've put in rental offers on 3 places. The first was a house, but the owner thinks he's a wizard who can block off the basement, install a kitchen down there, plus a shower, plus divide up the basement into bedroom and living area, plus install a window for the bedroom (as all bedrooms in Ontario are required by law to have), plus install a second washer/dryer in the linen closet upstairs, all in a day. The second was a corner apartment, but the landlord mysteriously took it off the market, without even telling her own realtor why. The current one thinks it's not against the law for him to use space I'm paying for to store his stuff in.

Anyone feel like giving me $500,000 so I can just buy my own place and be done with it?


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2012-08-19 05:34:07

Lul what'll i get in return

DiMono responds:

The satisfaction of helping a fellow Newgrounder who's in trouble. Also eventually your money back. Pretty soon, too, if my lottery ticket for this Friday comes home.


2012-08-19 05:40:55

Just work your ass off (some more if you already have) and find a reasonably priced place so you don't have to deal with rent. As I find It to be a pain in the ass to begin with. There's A lot of people where I used to live who rented out sub quality housing with some major problems that needed to be fixed and basically poor construction quality and poor living conditions so until the government intervenes by updating & Improving their housing law's(Ha!) I won't be renting anytime soon.