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I was reviewing my videos on YouTube, and found my 37mil full combo video. I think upwards of 40mil is possible - has anyone done it? Or was I 10 years ago the only one crazy enough to try to optimize and full combo this game?


After sinking more time into this than I should have, I found out your game does not support blocks larger than 2048. I worked very hard to get a 4196 block, and when I finally got there, the two 2048s didn't merge. Fix that, allow for blocks up to 33568, and your game will be a great clone of the original.

It's not bad for what it is. It's significantly harder to tie than it is to win though; I found a pattern that guarantees a win in 8 moves every game, but it took me over an hour to figure out how to draw.

You've managed to make sex games boring. The gameplay is uninspired, and the first thing you do in this game is lie to the player about their choices affecting the outcome. I am not impressed at all.

Uh... so the game is fun enough, but I just got the 100pt medal for completing the Elf campaign after passing level 2 of the Human campaign. That seems like it's probably a bug.

It would be nice if you got some sort of warning when your powerup was about to run out. I can't count the number of times I died just as my shield powerup ended, because I thought I still had a couple seconds. Otherwise, nice and simple and difficult. GG.

JackAstral responds:


Great suggestion- I added it just now :)

Repetitive game is repeptitive.

The last level says something about water rockets, but I lasted 2 minutes on it without dying and never saw any. Were they supposed to show up at some point?

I took damage from the first 2 obstacles and finished a level, and did not get the medal for it.

Apparently the game has some bugs. Please fix them.

Okk responds:

The Showing Off medal was the most complicated to implement, and apparently, I did not do a very good job testing it. Previously, due to an error, it could only be unlocked on level 1, but this bug should be fixed now.
As for the water rockets on level 6, I haven't seen any problems with them. They should be appearing as the fifth object, and every ten objects after that (including speed changes.)

The only challenge to this game is the bad controls. Making the game artificially hard is not a good design choice.

It's not very interesting to play, and stage 4 seems to be impossible based on how many things there are to squish and how little time you get.

Medium #2 is easily the hardest puzzle in here. On the Hard puzzles I at least had something to go on as a starting point; Medium 2 provides nothing of the sort.

Overall, it needs pencilmarks in the corners, and it would be nice to be able to enter a number by mousing over it and pressing the desired number. The music's nice though.

Deploy the... I think it's a yellow button... it's usually flashing... it makes the engines go... WHOOSH!

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