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DiMono's News

Posted by DiMono - May 21st, 2009

Unfortunately, I can't crush 100 people in a minute with it. Closest I've come is 80, and that precisely once. If I had more time, I could get enough medals to be top 50, but there are some things that prevent me from doing that. For instance, what the hell are Epic 1 and Epic 2? Where can I find them? How do you kill 100 people with a giant sperm at once? How do you beat the last guy in Red Moon without dying?

On the bright side, now that I have a keyboard that actually works I may stand a chance of beating Portal Defenders and getting a bunch of medals in it. Also the medal for It's A Nice Day Today is the most awesome medal that has ever been created, and that will ever be created. Most of the games I've gotten medals in I've gotten completely, and there are a couple I have yet to achieve any medals in at all (due to lack of playing them at all).

Also I launched a new website recently. http://www.coffeelikewomen.com - How do you like your coffee?

Posted by DiMono - April 29th, 2009

...and I stayed up all night last night doing just that. See those medals for Bunny Invasion, both Pico games, Barbarian Bob, Madness Regent, Red Moon, Castle Crashing The Beard and Tiananmen Square? Those all came within the last 12 hours. Why are these games so addictive they rob me of sleep? And food?

I have no idea where that puts me as far as the medal standings are concerned, but since I probably won't be playing Portal Defenders again I'm pretty sure I'll never be #1. And I'm okay with that.

Posted by DiMono - April 1st, 2009

Finally, website out there taking stand against bad content. Can't have bad content. Bad content bad. Hail Newgrounds! Hail China!