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DiMono's News

Posted by DiMono - July 14th, 2010

Took about an hour to record this, and another hour to process it, but I'm happy with the finished product. Beat the previous best time by over 100 seconds!

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Posted by DiMono - June 24th, 2010

I'll just let these speak for themselves.

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So, fucrate, can we please get that 1,000,000 point medal working? I think I've earned it. For those who like videos in one piece and without annotation, here's the complete run in a single piece without interruption:

/* */
In other news, I messed around with the game a bit today and found some course improvements that might get me a score over 40 million. I'll tackle that another time, though.

Posted by DiMono - June 23rd, 2010

Just because I will be taking off for a while, that doesn't mean I can't keep doing awesome things while I'm here. Today's awesome thing is a 24.6 million point game of Figure 8, presented below in video form. I made an under-steering mistake at the end of part 1, and that led to me taking a checkpoint, no longer being quite as careful, and crashing before what's now part 2. I'm so close to my single-multiplier game, just need the time with which to do it.

/* */

/* */
And now, at 3 in the morning on a Wednesday night, I have finally finished the whole game as a single multiplier combo, bringing my current high score in this game to 36,221,698. My route is in the two videos above, so here's my triumphant trip across the finish line (edited due to a prompt crash after grabbing the checkpoint):

/* */

Posted by DiMono - June 15th, 2010

I have something to do for the NG Medal Hunting community, and then I'm going to disappear from the site entirely for a while. I was kind of popping in here and there since my last news post, but the time has come for me to take this seriously and step back for a while.

In the meantime, here's some more of me being awesome in Fig. 8, including my new high score from earlier today:

/* */

Posted by DiMono - May 31st, 2010

This site takes up a lot of my time. I need a break to focus on other things for a while.


Posted by DiMono - May 14th, 2010


Game says it's possible to reach the last level with 25 remaining. I guess my 27 is pretty impressive then, yes?


Posted by DiMono - May 13th, 2010

I guess we can add Fig. 8 to the list of games I kind of rule at. My current high score is 9,140,953, and I've figured out a path that will work to get through the entire game with a single purple line behind you, which should produce a score in the hundreds of millions, if not billions. My path is based on the two videos below, with the following changes made to that player's route (the videos aren't mine):

Part 1:

/* */
Part 2:

/* */
In Part 1, at 5:07 head to the right, and then go down between the rocks toward the right, rather than ducking around the line of tracks.

In Part 1, at 5:49 go to the left of the observatory, rather than the right.

In Part 2, at 0:09 go to the left of that bar, between the top left corner of the bar and the F that's next to it.

The hardest parts of this path are getting between the houses at 2:55 in part 1, my first and third edits as listed above, and getting under the text at 0:59 of part 2. The rest is just memorization and practice.

Also, and this video is mine, here's the fastest route (including annotations) to a 500x multiplier, and the Trailblazer medal:

/* */

Fig. 8 Dominance

Posted by DiMono - May 7th, 2010

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Reincarnation: AHH is a quick little point and click game for an easy 10 points

Medals (1 medal, 10 points)
Feed The Bears (10pts) - Send the reincarny back to hell! Beat the game. Instructions follow.


Flowers (to get the smell on the hillbilly)
Spoon (to make it hot)
Beehive (to make him grab the hot spoon)

Keyring on belt (to get it)
Lock (to use the key to unlock it)
Door (to open it and see what's inside)

Axe (to get it)
Beehive (to knock it down)
Top of berries (to knock one into the honey, making a rabbit come out and leave honey tracks)

Well bucket (to make the bear go left)

Posted by DiMono - May 4th, 2010

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Pyroscape is a fire escape game that tries to merge several different playtypes into a single game.

Gameplay (from the game's author comments)


The room - An escape the room style. Click on items that can help you get out.
The Hallway - It's a mouse game. Don't touch the walls or anything that could hurt you.
The first part with the car - Click
Inside the car - Point and click
Second part with the car - Up and down arrows
Airplane - Click the objects before they hit you

Further Gameplay Notes

For the hallway, it's a Pac Man map. Just go around the top of the ghost room to the exit.

For the flaming car and flaming zombies, you cannot be hurt, so there's no dire rush.

For the driving part, the car should be positioned as follows:
Bottom, Top, Top, Bottom, Top, Bottom

There are 9 burning clouds to click. However, if you click the first one you can just alternate Tab and Space to get rid of them when they enter the screen. Thanks EdyKel!

Medals (4 medals, 45 points)

Mr. Effecient (sic) (5pts) - Only click on the necessary items in the room. Click as follows: Shoe, right, door, right, TV, TV, lamp, ramen, bottom, right, axe

Deja Vu (10pts) - Win the game... again... This medal will trigger when you click replay for a second time.

Victory (25pts) - Win without dying. Pretty straightforward.

Secret Medal (5pts) - It's a secret. Possibly the easiest secret medal ever.

Pyroscape Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - April 15th, 2010

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Talesworth Adventures is liquid awesome. It's a puzzle adventure game where you tell the guy what path to follow, according to some simple rules.

Gameplay Tips

Most of the gameplay is already outlined within the game, so here are just a few minor things that aren't:

You don't always need every item available to you on a level. There are a few levels where the solution doesn't require every item, and in one case isn't what you're expecting it to be at all.

You need to kill the thief the first time you see him. If you don't, he'll show up on the second-last level and steal your gem, preventing you from getting all 25. Fortunately, you can go back to the Map and return to the first thief room and play it again, and if you get rid of him the second time playing the room you'll be able to play the second-last level without him.

Arrows will kill monsters, as will boulders. Boulders will also deflect arrow shots. Boulders will not, however, deflect the dragon's breath; only closed doors will do that. Boulders behave exactly the same as you do, except they don't follow the moneybags.

Video Walkthrough

Part 1:

/* */
Part 2:

/* */
Expected solution for bonus room 3:

/* */
Solution for the first red room after its update:

/* */
Medals (8 medals, 180pts)

Noob Test (5pts) - Solve every easy (blue) room

A Novice No More (5pts) - Solver (sic) every medium (teal) room

Warrior Proper (10pts) - Solve every hard (purple) room

True Adventurer (10pts) - Solve every challenging (red) room

Glutton for Punishment (25pts) - Solve every bonus (green) room. Bonus rooms are not required to beat the game, but they are required to get all the medals.

Purveyor of Finery (25pts) - Collect all 25 gems located throughout the castle. Once you see the first one, they're all in a row, one per room. 3 are in bonus rooms.

Hoard the Hoard (50pts) - Slay the Talesworth Dragon and obtain his hoard. Basically, beat the game.

Thinking Things Through (50pts) - Complete the game using 5 or less Resets. Basically, beat the game well.

Talesworth Adventures Ep. 1 Walkthrough