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Posted by DiMono - March 12th, 2010

Wylina's Medal Game Table of Contents

Hippolyta is the retelling of the Amazon Hippolyta's escape from the Aztecs. You play Hippolyta, racing from left to right on your horse.

In the default controls, W is to jump, A is to block, S is to duck, and D is to accelerate forward. Accelerating makes the level go by faster, and allows you to outrun riders in either story mode. It also makes it easier to clear obstacles, because the duration with which you're passing them is shorter but the amount of time you can remain ducked or airborne remains the same. The space bar is to throw a spear.

How long you hold the key determines how long you hold its action, with the exception of the space bar. After throwing a spear you need to take out another one, so take that into account when timing your actions; you may want to let up on the D key when you see a farmer in the way. When jumping, it is more important to time the landing than the jump, because it takes time to throw a spear; two jumps followed by a farmer can be fatal.

You don't need sound to play the game, but you're hamstringing yourself needlessly if you don't have it on, as it gives cues for when each enemy is approaching. If you're playing the game strictly for medals, you probably want to find a slower computer which will run the game more slowly but smoothly, as it will give you more time to react. My home computer plays the game full speed, and I could never finish level 5 or go more than 2 minutes in survival or 45 seconds in pursuit, but when I got to my office where the computer is slower I was able to finish Hardcore mode on my first try. Of note when using a slower computer is that the game is timed internally, so if you're running the game at half speed, it will take twice as long to accomplish anything.

Armor looks nice, but it takes away the nakedness and doesn't impact gameplay at all. If you want to create savepoints in the game so you can do things like buy all the armor for the medal, and then go back to not having any so you can still see a naked woman on your screen, the .sol file is final1.sol and is in the main uploads.ungrounded.net directory, rather than in one of the numbered subdirectories.

Unlocking game modes and armor takes Amazon Points (AP), and AP are earned through playing the game. Each category of achievement has 5 levels for a total of 15 points (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Each piece of armor takes 10 AP (70 in total), and each game mode takes 40 AP (200 in total). IMPORTANT: When playing Survival and Pursuit modes, any jumps, dodges, kills, etc that you attain are not counted toward your in-game totals, only the amount of time you spent in that level run, so unlocking all quantity-based achievements must be done in either story mode. The exception to this is dodging Rider attacks, which registers as normal in Pursuit mode.

As of the time of this writing, the "finish level quickly" achievements are bugged so that you can only get credit for them if you have died on that level in the current playthrough. This obviously makes 28 of the 30 achievements for finishing hardcore levels quickly unattainable.

The achievement categories are:

Category (1pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt, 5pt)

Fail (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Kill farmers (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Jump hoplites (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Block duelists (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Outrun riders (1, 5, 10, 20, 50)
Block volleys of arrows (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Dodge volleys of arrows (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Jump small ground obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Jump medium ground obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Jump large ground obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Dodge small high obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Dodge medium high obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Dodge large high obstacles (1, 5, 20, 50, 100)
Dodge rider attacks (1, 5, 10, 20, 50)

Finish (level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, story mode)
Finish quickly 1 (level 1 in 0:46, level 2 in 1:03, level 3 in 2:15, level 4 in 3:23, level 5 in 5:00)
Finish quickly 2 (level 1 in 0:41, level 2 in 0:56, level 3 in 2:01, level 4 in 3:01, level 5 in 4:28)

Hardcore Story
Finish (level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, story mode)
Finish Hardcore quickly (13:20, 12:50, 12:20, 11:50, 11:20)
Finish quickly 1 (level 1 in 0:46, level 2 in 1:03, level 3 in 2:15, level 4 in 3:23, level 5 in 5:00)
Finish quickly 2 (level 1 in 0:41, level 2 in 0:56, level 3 in 2:01, level 4 in 3:01, level 5 in 4:28)

Survive (0:30, 1:00, 2:30, 5:00, 10:00)

Survive (0:30, 1:00, 2:30, 5:00, 10:00)

23 categories x 15 points = 345 total available AP

There are six game modes in total, and four single-player game modes that will earn you medals from playing them, so this guide will only address the four single-player modes. They are:

1) Story Mode
2) Hardcore Story Mode
3) Survival Mode
4) Pursuit Mode

Story Mode and Hardcore Story Mode
These modes are identical, except you're not allowed to die in Hardcore Mode, so they will be addressed at the same time. Their "finish the level quickly" in-game achievements are also separate, and the medals for finishing each one are worth different amounts.

There are 5 levels in Story Mode, and each level gets progressively longer and harder. At the end of each level is a longer jump than the rest, which you must speed up for. This will be alerted by Hippolyta announcing it, so don't worry about missing it.

In level 1 you have just broken out of the barn, and you will be faced with small ground obstacles, small high obstacles, and farmers.

In level 2 you have all of the above, plus medium ground obstacles, medium high obstacles, and hoplites.

In level 3 you have all of the above, plus large ground obstacles, large high obstacles, and arrows from the front.

In level 4 you have all of the above, plus duelists and arrows from behind.

In level 5 you have all of the above, plus riders.

Between levels the narrator will say some things about what the Aztec reaction is, which will give you a chance to rest your weary fingers. Finishing Story or Hardcore modes are the only ways to see the closing credits or the end of the storyline. If you leave in the middle of a Story Mode game, you can continue at a later time.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode is basically an endless level 4, which turns into an endless level 5 at about the 2:20 mark.

Pursuit Mode
Pursuit Mode is basically an endless level 2 in which you are constantly being pursued, and if you take your finger off the charge ahead button you will have to deal with the rider's relentless attacks as well as the enemies and obstacles.


Farmers: They stand there with pitchforks, and will spear you with them if you reach them. To kill them, throw your spear at them. However, do not throw your spear before they're on the screen, or it will miss and you'll die while reloading.

Farmers yell:
Stay back!
Stay away!
Stop! Stop!
You're dead slave.
Where are you going?

Hoplites: They kneel behind shields, and will spear you if you try to run through them. Throwing a spear just embeds it in their shield, and you will still die. To kill them, jump over them.

Hoplites yell:
I'm ready!
It ends now!
See you in hell!
Honor and glory!
Come on then!

Arrows from the front: You will hear arrows being loosed from the right speaker, Hippolyta will yell, and then some time will pass, and then you'll see the first of the arrows come hurtling across the screen at you from the right. There may be another obstacle or enemy that reaches you before the arrows, so be on your toes. To block the arrows, press back.

Hippolyta will yell:
Watch out!

Duelists: They come charging at you, and you must react quickly or they will stab you. Block them by pressing back and they will pass you harmlessly.

Duelists yell:
It's you and me!
Prepare yourself!
Get ready!

Arrows from behind: You will hear arrows being loosed from the left speaker, Hippolyta will yell, and then some time will pass, and then you'll see the first of the arrows come hurtling across the screen at you from the left. There may be another obstacle or enemy that reaches you before the arrows, so be on your toes. To dodge the arrows, duck.

Hippolyta will yell:
Arrows, from behind!
Archers behind us!
Watch your back!

Riders: They will chase you down from behind, and when they are in range they will try to stab you with their spear. You can duck to evade their spear, or you can charge forward to outrun them. They will not be outrun until they've been off the screen to the left for quite a while. When outrunning them they will make miscellaneous rider sounds to indicate that they're still there.

Riders must jump over obstacles and duck under tents and branches just like you do, but they don't have to deal with any enemies. this is important if you're going after the medal for dodging 10 of their attacks, because you can't dodge the rider and block arrows at the same time, so it will take some dedicated attention to manage the timing on this. They also are not restricted by the same pacing of obstacles and other enemies, and can attack off-beat.

Riders yell:
Come here!
You can't escape!
Slow down!
I'll get you!
You're mine!

When Riders are gone, Hippolyta will say:
He's gone.
Okay, we can slow down.


Small Ground Obstacles: A simple jump will get over these. They take the form of a small section of angled wood spikes, a small cluster of rocks, or a single log across your path.

Small High Obstacles: A simple duck will get under these. They take the form of a branch with pink leaves coming down across your path, and until you know what you're looking for they can sometimes blend in with the background, so be on the lookout for them.

Medium Ground Obstacles: A simple jump will get over these, but better to hold it for a bit to make sure. They take the form of a double-size section of angled wood spikes, a larger cluster of rocks, or a rectangular bunch of wood stacked across your path.

Medium High Obstacles: A simple duck will get under these, but better to hold it for a bit to make sure. They take the form of a blue and white tent with a peak in the middle.

Large Ground Obstacles: You must hold the jump key for the entire duration to get over these. They take the form of a larger flat bundle of wood, a single giant rock, or an even bigger bed of wood spikes.

Large High Obstacles: You must hold the duck key for the entire duration to get under these. They take the form of long yellow and red tents with flat yellow tops.

Big Jump: Each level in Story or Hardcore Modes ends with a larger jump, which will either be a pit with spikes or a cart with stuff in it. This is the only obstacle Hippolyta talks about, and to get over it you must be charging forward and hold the jump key for as long as possible once you're in the air.

Hippolyta says:
Faster, big jump ahead
Speed up for a big jump
Faster, we're not gonna make this jump

Medals (20 medals, 500pts):
All medals are entirely self explanatory, and all they take is time playing the game, so I will not add anything to the medal description as it is not necessary.

Epic Fail (5): Fail 20 times

Farm Massacre (5): Kill 20 farmers

Medium Dodger (5): Dodge 20 medium high obstacles

Medium Jumper (5): Jump 20 medium ground obstacles

Small Dodger (5): Dodge 20 small high obstacles

Small Jumper (5): Jump 20 small ground obstacles

Large Dodger (10): Dodge 20 large high obstacles

Large Jumper (10): Jump 20 large ground obstacles

Mano-A-Mano (10): Block 20 duelists

Think Fast! (10): Dodge 10 rider attacks

Trample Mania (10): Jump 20 hoplites

Was That a Fly? (10): Dodge 20 volleys of arrows

Cover Up (25): Unlock all armor

Eat My Dust (25): Outrun 10 riders

Cat and Mouse (50): Survive 5 minutes in Pursuit

Long Day (50): Complete Story mode

Survivor (50): Survive 5 minutes in Survival

Hell and Back (100): Complete hardcore mode

The Spice of Life (100): Unlock all game modes

If you know of anything I missed, or anything that's been updated, please let me know!

March 14 Edit: Dodging the attacks of Riders has been fixed, as has been the medal for doing so 10 times.

Hippolyta Medal Guide

Posted by DiMono - March 9th, 2010

Yes, it's true. I'm not going to be tweeting about my lunch or when I'm doing laundry or something though, since that would be incredibly boring. I mean, seriously, who cares how often I sleep in until after I'm supposed to be at work already?

No, what I will be using my Twitter feed for will be amusing Haiku I've written. It's going to update at 12:12AM EST every morning via a script running on my webserver, and I've already written and stored enough to last all the way through April, so even if something terrible happens to me my Twitter will continue updating long after my demise.

Anyway, my Twitter feed is The Empty Pond. Won't you pass me a follow and spread the link around for me?

I have a Twitter feed!

Posted by DiMono - March 7th, 2010

A lot of people have mentioned the first jump on level 30 is a bitch. So here's a straight runthrough of the level, showing a few tricks I've picked up from replaying it a few times.

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Posted by DiMono - March 3rd, 2010

Medal Game Walkthrough Table of Contents

Theia is a fun little puzzle game along the lines of Sokoban, but with enemies. I was keeping track of level codes and solutions, and ended up with a pretty thorough written walkthrough of the game. So here it is!

Scoring points:
When you die, you get -1000 points. When you continue, you get -5000 points. For each life remaining after a level you get 500 points at the start of the next level, so it starts adding up pretty quickly. Score medals do not stack (getting God Score doesn't give you the other two), and score medals are only awarded for beating the game; you can't quit and get a medal. The Newgrounds scoring app will only show your latest score, not necessarily your highest.

Gameplay points:
When you are burrowed, enemies can't see or hit you. When there is a movable rock between you and an enemy it cannot see or hit you. When there is another enemy between you and an enemy it cannot see or hit you. You can usually dodge an attack once you see it coming, but not always.

- Regular grass has full movement speed and is burrowable.
- Sand has half movement speed and is burrowable.
- Stone has full movement speed and is not burrowable.
- After the second boss a new red terrain appears which has full movement speed and is burrowable.
- Walls and minerals are non-traversable

Bubba - Big orange brutes. They don't move, only attack in the direction they're facing, and have a bit of range. Green Bubbas attack faster than their counterparts, and light orange Bubbas attack somewhere in between.
Piggy - They move when you move, and attack when they're facing you and close enough to hit. Blue piggies do the opposite of what you do. Pink piggies do what you do. Light green piggies do what you do horizontally, and do the opposite vertically. If you're walking against a wall, they will continue to move even if you're not.
Leaf Thrower - They don't move, and have a ranged attack where they throw a leaf at you. The purple ones will freeze you in place if you're in a position where the leaf will hit you, so watch out. They will try to attack you through rocks, walls and enemies, but whatever's blocking them will take the hit for you.

Spider - level 12. Feed it cabbage to slow it down, and stay as close to the bottom of the screen as you can. Take advantage of burrowing when you can.
Brute - level 20. Unblock the flow of lava and then follow him when he runs away. He has a ranged attack that only fires down, but is kind of quick.
Piggy Wiggy - level 33. Quicktime events.

Medals (495pts):
Bubba Slap (10pts) - Feel the Bubba-Wrath! Get killed by a Bubba.

Piggy Pwn (10pts) - Get totally pwnd by the Piggy Get killed by a Piggy.

Gotcha (25pts) - Be an easy target! Get killed by a leaf.

Lame Score (25pts) - Come on, you can do better than this! Finish the game with a score under 1,000,000. Do this by playing only the last level.

Spider Food (25pts) - Feed your enemy a healthy snack! On level 12, live long enough for the spider to eat the first lettuce.

Great Score (50pts) - You've done well my child Finish the game with a score between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000. Do this by playing only the last two levels.

Scare The Boss (50pts) - Even tough guys can run away Beat level 20.

Beat The Game (100pts) - Save Theia! Finish the game.

God Score (100pts) - The Heavens must have gifted you way too much Finish the game with a score over 2,000,000. Do this by playing the whole game in one sitting, with as few continues as possible.

Piggy Wiggy (100pts) - Meet the final boss Reach level 33.

Level Passwords and Walkthroughs:
Stage 1: A9K7 - Just walk to the left

Stage 2: B3J7 - Press space to go under the plants

Stage 3: C0I5 - Push a rock out of the way, then go under the rocks at the top

Stage 4: D0H1 - Push the middle rock at the bottom, then push the top and bottom rocks at the top to move the middle one out of the way. Then go under the plant

Stage 5: E4G5 - Under the rock, down the hole

Stage 6: F0F8 - Medal get: walk in front of the Bubba. Level win: go under him

Stage 7: G9E4 - Go underground to get to the rock, push it down toward the bottom right dude, then push it over in front of the bottom centre dude. Go under the rock and exit

Stage 8: H4D6 - Push through the rocks at the bottom, then go under the rocks at the top and exit

Stage 9: I9C9 - Tap right, go down until the 3rd dude on the right is on his downstroke, tap left, continue to bottom and exit

Stage 10: H1B5 - Move the rock in front of him and proceed to exit

Stage 11: K3A2 - Push the rock up against the first guy, then move quickly to the bottom below the second guy to get out of range. Go underground past the third guy, then walk up the left to between the 3rd and 4th guys up there. Move to the left to walk up out of range, and go underground to the stones. Push the top middle one down, then the top right one right, then the bottom right one down all the way, then the bottom left one up, and proceed to the exit

/* */
Stage 12: L3Z7 - First boss level. Feed him lettuce to slow him down (and for a medal get), and race to the bottom

Stage 13: M9Y0 - Die to a piggie for medal get. Blue piggies do the opposite what you do. Walk in front of one of the orange dudes and immediately walk down to get out of range, and send the blue piggies North. Walk against the rock to get the ones below out of the way. Push the rock down just far enough that you can get by, then go around under it and push that one far enough that you can burrow. Go under it and exit

Stage 14: N3W2 - Pink piggies do as you do. Move right then down, then push the boulder in front of the Bubba and proceed to exit

Stage 15: O8V4 - Pale green piggies mimic you sideways, and do the opposite vertically. Go up and to the right, then maneuver yourself to the bottom right corner area and head left to exit

Stage 16: P8U1 - Walk down to get the two piggies on the right together at the alcove, then go back to the middle of your aisle and push the rock to the right. Piggies take time to swing. Maneuver yourself so you're at the start of the middle row at the bottom, and move left until the piggie takes a swing at you, then quickly move away so it misses. This will separate the two piggies. Get them in line with each other horizontally and walk past them, then burrow to the exit

Stage 17: Q8T9 - Move left a bit, then move down until you're against the piggies beneath you. Move right until you're past the exit point, then walk down to get the piggies out of the way. Proceed to exit

Stage 18: R4S1 - Move right until the first set starts to swing, then move back out of the way and proceed again. Rinse and repeat for the rest of them.

Stage 19: S8R0 - Use the piggies as blockers for the Bubbas, just like rocks

Stage 20: T2Q6 - Second boss level, Move the first boulder to the right (will take two pushes as the boss attacks you on the first one), then clear a path to the lava. Outrun it to the boss and he'll make a break for it, then proceed to the exit. DO NOT take the path on the right, it is a dead end. Make sure you stay on the brick path or you will move too slow to outrun the lava. ONE MISSTEP ON THE SLOW PATH WILL KILL YOU. Medal get when you clear the lava to exit. Do not burrow when the lava is coming; you need to be at the foot of the path when the boss makes a run for it in order to get out in time.

Stage 21: U0Q3 - Get killed by a green thing - medal get. Move the rock on the right as far left as you can. Burrow past the gems and cross to the left. Move up until you can walk directly right, then do so. Push the rock up so it blocks the bottom of the two green things on the right. Get the second rock out and push it up to block the green thing up top. Proceed to exit

Stage 22: V2P0 - Green Bubbas swing much faster, but follow the same rules. Move the rock in the bottom right out of the way and get the piggie up past the first two green Bubbas. Position the piggie as a blocker (be patient) and use him to block your way past the central green Bubba. Burrow past the remaining green Bubba to the exit

Stage 23: W8O8 - Burrow in the square and position the pink piggies on either side of you FACING VERTICALLY. Unburrow and walk straight to the exit

Stage 24: Q9N4 - Position the piggie as a blocker and move past the Bubba, burrow to the exit

Stage 25: Y2M2 - Purple blobs freeze you if they see you. Burrow to the bottom and move the righthand rock up to block the left attack chamber, then move the lefthand rock up to block the top attack chamber. Go behind the first green Bubba and then down against the second and walk all the way left to get out of its range, then inch down until you can burrow to the exit

Stage 26: Z0L6 - Burrow to the top left and move that rock to block the middle purple thing from seeing you, and put it in such a position that it also blocks the bottom purple thing from attacking upwards. Move the next rock to block the top purple thing attacking left and the middle one attacking up, and move the last rock to block the top one attacking upwards. Proceed to exit

Stage 27: A6K1 - This level is all manual dexterity. You need to start at the top of the aisle, dodge the feather downward and move right, then quickly move left and up as the Bubba attacks you, then get past it and dance past all the flying feathers until you can burrow. Then just burrow to the exit

Stage 28: B6J0 - Use the alcoves to get to the left aisle. Be sure to maneuver the piggie out of the way so he doesn't kill you when you get there. Take your time to position the piggie as a blocker for the green blog tossing feathers along the top, face left, come to the surface, and make a break for the exit

Stage 29: C8I2 - This level's pretty simple, but it's easy to lose a life by mistake if you forget to burrow when crossing from left to right. Block the bottom throwers first, then the middle one on either side, then the top ones from throwing sideways. From the stones along the top, use the leftmost one of the right hand pair to block the purple on the right from throwing left at you, and use the rightmost one from the left hand pair to block the centre one from throwing down at you, and proceed to the exit

Stage 30: D4H5 - Use the piggie as a blocker to get by everything. Remember that the piggie walks in the other direction from you vertically, so you'll have to position it on the right so that when you're walking down past the Bubba, it's walking up past it and blocks the Bubba's view

Stage 31: E8G6 - While burrowed, arrange the piggies so that they're close to you on each side, and so that you're in line with the ones highest up on the screen. Position yourself for your beeline and before you unburrow move down just a touch so the piggies get some space between them. Then unburrow and make a break for it

Stage 32: F6F3 - This level is all about blocking the right enemies at the right time. From where you start, move the bottom left rock so it's in line with the enemies below and to the right of you, then move two rocks so that they protect you along the vertical road, and move the bottom of those rocks right against the enemy below you. Take the last of the four rocks and move it so it blocks the two enemies in the top right, then take the free rock from below them and use it to block the central enemy attacking right. Now burrow and go around the top right corner to come out in the bottom right and nudge the rock down there up, then push it left so it also blocks the central enemy attacking down. With the two remaining rocks block the bottom right enemy attacking left and then the bottom left enemy attacking down, and proceed to the exit

Stage 33: G6E0 - The end boss is a series of quicktime events. In order: right for the initial dodge, then LRLRL. Up to head for the cliff, left to move towrad it, right to keep from falling off, then spam up until you jump on the stalactite. DUDULDU to get back to solid ground. Next is L, then just spam R after L and spam L after R until you're eaten. Then click the mouse 60 times as fast as you can. Congratulations, you win!

Edit: I got some requests for a video showing levels 31 and 32, so here's one with those and the boss.

/* */

Theia Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 24th, 2010

Medal Game Walkthrough Table of Contents

Narcolyxii is a defense game, set inside your worst nightmare. Literally. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, so I will present in this guide some general gameplay tips, followed by in-game specific information, followed by the list of medals.

Gameplay Tips
You don't need to actually move when between nightmares, but going to the right reveals sentences.

Your gun will hit whatever is closest to it in the direction it's pointing, even if it's technically past the end of the barrel.

Your gun will hit two targets at once if they overlap.

The pig-looking thing that comes out of the second-level enemies counts as something to hit, so if it's between your gun and what you're aiming at you'll hit the pig-looking thing instead of what you want to hit. Similarly, your chaingun and TLOD will target it on its way down, making the weapon useless until the pig thing is out of range.

You can hit things that are off-screen to the right, which means they don't count as inside your base for quite a while.

If you're firing at the end of a level, and you're using the mouse, you don't need to keep holding the mouse button to keep firing; it will have you stuck on firing, so all you need to do is aim. This will continue after a level of only aiming as well, which means you only actually need to hold the mouse button for one level.

When mashing the spacebar at the end, make sure you don't hit the Alt key, or it will stop working properly.

You don't ever need to play past level 4 to get to an ending, you only need to do so if you want the various gun purchasing medals. In fact I recommend not playing past level 4 if you don't have to.

When the black enemies that bob up and down show up, make sure you aim just below their life bar regardless of their visible location on the screen. They take damage where the shield is, not where they are, and your weapons will just go right through them. Aim where they should be, not where they are.

When your bullet hits a reality fragment, your next bullet if fired during the flash of reality will not actually fire.

The game gets laggy in later levels, and it resets to high quality every level. You can reduce the quality by right-clicking and setting the quality manually.

Starting on level 30 there are serious gameplay problems, where entire groups of enemies will spawn indestructible, and after failing the level more enemies will spawn during your little walking expedition. You will then be thrown back into the nightmare without getting a chance to restock on powerups. If you're still playing at this point, I recommend closing and re-opening the game window, as enemies that didn't make it off-screen between nightmares will count as breeches during the nightmare, although you cannot hit them with anything.

If you load your game after winning, you cannot win again as you can only achieve exactly 100% reality once. To get both endings (and thus both medals) you need to start the game over again after the first one.

Game Information
The following levels have reality fragments: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 15, 20, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 (may be more after 31, but I wasn't able to get there).

Research Purchases
Interior Defense - $4000 (doubles number of allowed breeches)
Strong Will - $4000 (makes it much easier to get the good ending)

Upgrading Your Starting Cannon
Firing Speed - $400, $900, $2000, $6000, $10000 (Super Generator)
Damage - $600, $1000, $4000, $7000, $12000 (Magma Core)

VX Land Obliterator - $5000 to purchase
- Angle Upgrade - $4000 (bugged? Seems to take your money but have no effect)
Liquid Nitrogen Generator - $2000 to purchase
- Intensity Upgrade - $1000, $1000
- A.I. targetting - 3000
Stasis Generator - $10000 to purchase
Denarian Chaingun - $7000 to purchase (only fires forward, always targets most recent enemy in range)
- Intensity Upgrade - $4000, $5000
The Line Of Death (TLOD) - $15000 to purchase
- Intensity Upgrade - $7000, $12000

Medals (11 medals, 420pts)
Enter The Nightmare (5pts) - Survive the first wave of attackers. Pretty self explanatory, I think.

Deadzone (10pts) - Purchase the Stasis Generator. Do what the man says.

Frosty The Ownman (10pts) - Purchase the Liquid Nitrogen Generator. Ditto.

Imma' Chargin' Mah Laser (10pts) - Purchase the VX Land Obliterator. Who needs land, anyway?

Spray Them Down (10pts) - Purchase the Deranian Chaingun. Those Deranians and their toys...

Ol' Skinny (25pts) - Purchase The Line of Death. Even Death has lines to memorize...

Lazy (50pts) - Purchase all of the Auto-fire turrets. This medal requires the LN Generator upgraded to A.I. Targetting, the Land Obliterator, the Chaingun and the TLOS. No other upgrades are required.

Lock And Load (50pts) - Purchase every single turret. - Lazy + Stasis Generator - A.I. Targetting.

The Eternal Sleep (50pts) - Get the bad ending. After you collect 10 reality fragments you'll get to mash the spacebar for a bit, and if you do it fast enough you get the good ending. If you don't, you get the bad ending. To get this medal, fail the spacebar mashing.

The Awakening (100pts) - Get the good ending. You know how you need to fail the spacebar mashing to get that last medal? Don't do that.

The VX Specialist (100pts) - Beat the entire game without purchasing a single gun. Get to level 4, and go no further. Collect the reality fragments on level 4 when they appear, and kill a bunch of things, but don't kill enough to beat the level. When you have $4000 built up, buy the Strong Will, but don't buy anything else. Once you have the Strong Will and 10 reality fragments, you'll get the medal, and then which ending you receive will depend upon your spacebar mashing ability.

Narcolyxii Medal Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 19th, 2010

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The idea behind this wonderful platformer is that you can take on any of the three primary colours of light (red, blue, yellow), and each of these has its own unique talents:

Blue can make ice cubes. These can be used to hold down buttons, and you can jump on them to reach a little higher when you jump. At the start of the game they vanish when you change colour or drop a new cube, but on level 18 you gain an upgrade that lets them stick around when you change colours. They also melt over time, so when they're holding down a button you may need to be a little quick. Drop a cube by pressing the spacebar.

Red can shoot fire, which kills enemies. Enemies drop orbs, which give you points if you collect them. Shoot fire by pressing the spacebar. On level 26 you gain the Fire Boost (flame/super jump), which lets you jump higher when you're red by holding the shift key. If you're using Windows, make sure you turn off sticky keys before playing, or you may have problems.

Yellow can turn intangible and invisible by pressing S. While intangible you cannot be hurt, but you also can't do anything until you return to normal. You need to move around via moving floors and sliding on slipper platforms when in this state. At level 11 you gain teleport portals, which allow you to drop two portals using the spacebar, and then use R to teleport between them. The third portal you drop will replace the first, the fourth will replace the second, etc. Checkpoints are also gained while yellow.

General Tips:
This is a game with a realtime game timer, but the gameplay itself is dependant on the speed of your computer and the quality setting you're playing on. If it's choppy or slow, drop down to Low quality, and you may want to do that for any time trial attempts anyway just in case. Be patient, and remember that you're here playing a game to have fun; if it stops being fun, go do something else for a bit.

Of note is that the time the game spends loading a level is included in your total time spent on it, as well as your time exiting through the elevator at the end, so if you have a slow computer you may end up starting some of the longer levels with as much as 30 seconds or more already used up. This is obviously no good for time trials, so you'll have to do them on another computer if you do them.

Bubbles and Crayons:
These are the two things in the game that give you points. Bubbles show up when you kill a monster, and you collect them by bumping into them. They are each worth 5 points, and several will show up at a time. Crayons are hidden on every non-boss level (all but 10, 20 and 30), and are each worth 50 points. All crayons can be retrieved without dying, and you can kill the same enemies over and over again to accumulate points via bubbles. Crayons may only be collected once.

Beating the Bosses (Void Overlord):
The three boss fights are all the same, except for the surroundings. There are three puddles of spikes the Void Overlord can emerge from, and you need to be near it in order to defeat it. On level 10, there are coloured platforms and open doors you can use to get back and forth between the puddles. On level 20 the doors go away, and on level 30 the platforms are gone too.

To defeat the boss, wait for the blue target to show up and put an icecube there. Then back away to the other side of the safe floor. The Void Overlord will strike the icecube, and be briefly stunned. When this happens, switch to red and hit it with flame. You must do this 3 times on each boss level to beat the Void Overlord. If he shows up and no target appears, or if only an appendage appears, switch to yellow and go intangible until it's safe.

Medals: (500pts)
Blackout (10pts) - Kill 50 enemies. You'll get this through regular gameplay.

Can't Keep A Good Man Down (10pts) - Die 25 times and keep right on playing cause you are a trooper! Odds are you'll get this through regular gameplay too, but if you somehow finish the game without it just go kill yourself a bunch of times.

Color Blind (10pts) - Change colors 100 times. You'll get this through regular gameplay.

Level 09 Time Trial (10pts) - Beat Level 9 in 45 seconds or less. Not hard to do, just play quickly. All time trial medals are easier once you have flame jump, and detailed methods for using flame jump to get these medals are below.

Level 15 Time Trial (10pts) - Beat Level 15 in 1 minute 30 seconds or less. See above.

Level 25 Time Trial (10pts) - Beat Level 25 in 2 minutes or less. This one's much harder, because the level is so big. It is the only medal I can't get on my work computer, because the game runs too slowly. All time trial medals are easier once you have flame jump, and using the method below I got very close even with my laggy computer.

Dedication (25pts) - Play the game for an hour. You'll get this through regular gameplay.

Jacksmacked (25pts) - Defeat the final boss in the game without dieing during the fight. Once you've beaten him in levels 10 and 20, this medal is almost trivial. Just do what I outlined above in the Boss Fights section and you'll get this.

Like A Boss (25pts) - Beat the Void Overlord the first time. See above.

Spread The Word (25pts) - Use the Facebook link to become a fan of Jacksmack.com. When playing a level, there's that status bar across the bottom of the screen. Click on the F toward the bottom left corner.

Super Hueman (25pts) - Finish level 25 without dieing once. There's no time limit on this, so just practice the level and play it carefully. I got this on my third runthrough of the level. The method outlined below will work for this medal as well, but the shortcuts aren't necessary and it can be done without flame jumping.

Upgrade Complete (25pts) - Collect all upgrades. You'll get this on level 26 as you collect that last upgrade.

Walking Tall (25pts) - Take 1000 steps in the game. You'll get this through regular gameplay.

Hue Orb Collector (50pts) - Earn 5000 points. If you don't get this through regular gameplay, just go back to level 6 and kill things a few times. Just remember to collect those orbs!

Primary Objective (100pts) - Complete the game the first time. I think this one's pretty self explanatory.

Where's My Coloring Book? (100pts) - Collect all 27 crayons. There's one on each non-boss level, and they appear in order. To see which ones you have, enter a level and go to the menu, and click on the Crayons button. They appear in your crayon box in order, so if you're missing some you can figure out which ones by counting how far in they are. Just remember to skip 10 20 and 30 when counting, or you'll throw yourself off.

Secret Medal 1 (5pts) - It's a secret! You can't do this until roughly the last third of the game.

Secret Medal 2 (10pts) - It's a secret! You can do this at almost any time.

Time Trials with Flame Jump:
All of the time trial medals are easier to attain if you have flame jump from level 26. Below is what I believe to be the fastest method for finishing each of the time trial levels, to help you get these medals.

Level 9 fast with flame jump:
Run left and flame jump to first platform. Turn yellow and go invisible while sliding to get through the lasers. Once you're on the moving platform, turn visible again, take some steps (every little bit helps), and turn invisible again to get through the last laser. Flame jump to the little square, then flame jump to the slick platform and use your yellow invisibility to get through it (but not too fast or you'll slide off the end). Jump to the blue platform, drop some ice and jump between the vortexes. You are now on the small standable area next to the lasers. Drop an ice cube at the edge, flame jump up to grab on to the second platform, hold shift to power jump up to the wall on your right, then jump up on top of it next to the lasers. Flame jump up to the platform above you (killing the Stalker when appropriate), and run for the door. Go through, and then go through the elevator door.

Level 15 fast with flame jump:
Part 1: Run right and drop the ice cube, then without jumping on the ice, flame jump up to the blue platform and make your way up the corridor. When you reach the top, run to the right and flame jump up the wall to the middle platform, then flame jump up to the landing on the right and kill the Mega-Stalker, and drop a portal. Flame jump up and cling to the wall on the right, then jump onto the platform on your left, then flame jump up to the switch and hit it. Drop your other portal and go through to get back down to the landing, and normal jump to the middle bit, then normal jump to the left, and wall jump to the landing next to the black spikey. From there, flame jump to the landing above you.

Part 2: Claim your checkpoint, then wall jump up the left side to the narrow platforms. When you're hanging on the platform on the left, you can jump to get directly to the right hand one, and flame jump up to start your wall jump ascent up the right side. When you're either hanging on the ledge of the landing at the top or standing on it, flame/power jump up to the blue platform, drop some ice, jump to the first red platform, then flame jump to the landing on the right. Turn yellow and go invisible to slide through, and after you fall down, flame jump up the left side and grab the ledge, then power jump up to the next ledge, then flame jump up the wall and you'll be at the top. Now it's time to drop down the middle to get to the elevator. Be red down the middle, then yellow down the right, then drop down and exit.

Level 25 fast with flame jump:
Part 1 (Fastest route): Jump to the next platform and kill the Stalker, then drop down to the right down to the button and kill the Buzzer on your way down. Drop some ice on the button, then flame jump to where you just came down from, then flame jump up to the platform above you and make your way to the door on the left. This is the optimal route for speed, but there is a slight risk of getting hit by thrown blackness from the Mega-Stalker on the next platform over.

Part 1 (Safer, slightly slower): Run to the edge, put some ice down, jump on the ice, jump to the platform on the second level and drop a portal. Drop off the right side to bottom (stay to left to avoid getting hit), place your other portal, put some ice on the button, portal back up, and jump to door. This avoids all the enemies, and while it's slightly less optimal for speed, there is zero chance of getting killed by the Mega-Stalker on the second platform.

Part 2: Run to the right, skip the first lever, hit the second. Stay on the second lever's platform and turn around and from the left side of the platform you're on, flame jump up to the platform above you, staying against it for the wall jump. Leave that lever alone and jump to the left, hit that lever, then proceed to the door.

Part 3: Jump to the red platform, and jump to blue. Put some ice, jump on the ice, and flame jump to the third blue platform. Put some ice down, jump on the ice, and flame jump to the blue platform. Put ice on the left side of that platform, jump on the ice, flame jump to the vertical beam, then flame jump again to the moving floor on the right. From the right side of that moving floor, flame jump up to the stationary platform to your right (you cannot grab the ledge of a moving floor), and hop up. Congratulations, you just skipped most of the level. Run over to the checkpoint and grab it (just in case) and drop a portal, then return to the stationary platform. Flame jump up to the yellow platform, then make your way up to the door as per usual and drop your portal. Go through the portal, jump to the blue platform, drop some ice, then instead of using the wall, flame jump straight to the platform. Drop ice on the button, turn yellow and walk off to the right, falling straight down, and go through your portal. Turn blue, and just run to the right; no need to jump or use the wall. Exit to the elevator.

Walkthrough Videos:
The game's creators saw fit to include an in-game link to walkthrough videos, to help everyone finish each level if they're having difficulty. These videos are embedded below.

Levels 1-10

/* */
Levels 11-20 part 1

/* */
Levels 11-20 part 2

/* */
Levels 21-25 part 1

/* */
Levels 21-25 part 2

/* */
Levels 26-28

/* */
Levels 29-30

/* */

Primary Medal Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 18th, 2010

Medal Game Walkthrough Table of Contents

Tax Time!

The game is played with the mouse. Move the mouse to the left to pick up the gas can, then move back so you're near your house but not at it and click until enough gas sprays onto your house to get the meter to 100%. Go back to the left and get the match, then move to your house and click the mouse to set the house on fire. Medal get - Burn Baby Burn.

Move to the plane and you'll automatically get in. Keep the plane low when you see the "Auto Recall >" warning come up and crash into the Lexus. Medal get - Auto Recall.

Don't close the game, and maybe move the mouse to the right of the screen to advance your plane. Wait. Medal get - Stick It To The Man.


/* */
Medals (85pts):
Burn Baby Burn! (10pts) - Forgo your worldly possessions. Burn down your house.

Stick It To The Man! (25pts) - Deliver your taxes to the IRS in a timely manner. Crash the plane into the IRS building.

Auto Recall (50pts) - Send a Lexus back to the shop. Hit the lexus with the plane.

Seriously, this is possibly the easiest 85 medal points you will ever get. Dooooo eeeet!

Tax Time! Medal Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 17th, 2010

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Sally's Cats is a new game where you tether your cats using magic and draw them toward you on your broom, while trying to avoid the creatures of the night (bats) which are all trying to hurt them.

Medals (200pts)

Tutorialized (5pts) - Beat the tutorial levels. The tutorial is long, but you get 5 points just for going through it.

Flame On (10pts) - Set a cat on fire. You set cats on fire by putting them in the flame of the pumpkin candle that indicates how much time you have left on the level. You can set a cat on fire in the tutorial level, just to get the hang of it, and doing so will contribute to the Pyromaniac medal below.

No Borders (10pts) - Completed 5 different levels without using strings. You get 100 extra points at the end of each level in which you don't use any strings. The only thing that makes this medal difficult is that the sensitivity in the game for drawing strings is a little touchy, so it's possible to draw strings by accident when you don't want to. I got this medal on level 8.

Evader (25pts) - Evaded all enemies in 10 different levels. You just need to be careful, and wait for an opening. A good strategy for evading enemies is to draw strings between the cat you're hauling up and the nearby enemies; the enemies won't be affected by the string, but it will stop the cat from swinging into them. The first few levels that don't have any enemies count toward this total, as do the tutorial levels, so it's a slightly easier medal than it may at first look. I got this on level 13.

Pyromaniac (50pts) - Rescued burning cats in 10 different levels. Pretty straightforward, though some levels really don't lend themselves to cat burning. Take your time, position your cats, and make sure you haul them up without having them fall off the screen, or you'll have to start all over again. It's also easier to burn cats at the beginning of a level, so don't put it off. I got this on level 17.

Saviour (100pts) - Beat the game. Just beat it (beat it).

Gameplay Tips:

I was never able to get double-clicking a cat to release the tether to work in any of the 25 levels of the game, so don't rely on it. Also be aware that the sensitivity with drawing strings is high, so you may get some when you don't want them.

Also, several levels are made easier when you know that the trees and obstacles don't continue off-screen, which means you can swing the cat off-screen, start drawing it in, and completely avoid most of the enemies.

For level 25, you can swing the cat off-screen to the left, and then draw it up to the nook in the top branch on the left for an easy win. I got my highest level point total on this level.

And that's basically it. Just be careful and be patient and you shouldn't have any problems with these quick 200 medal points.

Sally's Cats Medal Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 10th, 2010

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Foreign Creature

This is a fun little game, the sequel to the original Foreign Creature which is also worth your time. Below is a summary of the medals, followed by a text and video walkthrough.

Medals (375pts)
Doctor Murder (5pts) - Kill 2 Doctors in the operating theatre. You'll get this in scene 2.

Evil Singer (10pts) - Infect singer in the backstage. You'll get this in scene 6.

Rat Infection (10pts) - Infect poor rat. You'll get this in scene 3.

3 Dogs Spread (25pts) - Infect 3 dogs in bonus scene #1.

Conquer The World (25pts) - Complete the game. Pretty self explanatory, I think.

Gun Suicide (50pts) - Kill himself with a gun in bonus scene #2. This is ending 2 to the cutscene.

Knife Suicide (50pts) - Kill himself with a knife in bonus scene #2. This is ending 1 to the cutscene.

Secret Medal 1 (100pts) - Do something secret.

Secret Medal 2 (100pts) - Do something else secret.

I won't tell you how to get the secret medals, but I will tell you they rely on doing things at exactly the right time.

Walkthrough (Text of walkthrough taken from here; video walkthrough below)

Scene 1: Prof Douglas Office

1. Click Foreign Creature. 2. Click man with orange hair. 3. Click keyboard on the desk. 4. Click cutter on the desk. 5. Click three men. 6. Click Foreign Creature. 7. Click a man near the door. 8. Click Foreign Creature. 9. Click a man near the door.


Scene 2: Operating Theater

1. Click blood infusion 2. Click Foreign Creature. 3. Click engine on the left. 4. Click main doctor head. 5. Click knife on the floor. 6. Click second doctor head. 7. Click CCTV. 8. Click knife on the floor.


Scene 3: Hospital Grounds

1. Click Barrel on the left.* 2. Quickly Click policeman on the left bottom* 3. Click Foreign Creature. 4. Click policeman on the right bottom. 5. Click head of truck. 6. Click dog. 7. Click policeman. 8. Click Foreign Creature head. 9. Click rat.

* must be sequence.

Scene 4: Young Couple's House

1. Click can on the table.* 2. Quickly Click TV screen.* 3. Quickly Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the left window.* 4. Click pop corn on the table. 5. Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the sofa.

* must be sequence.


Scene 5: Night Club

Wrong way:

1. Click a woman singer. 2. Click a man with hat (Foreign Creature). 3. You Failed, Restart Level.

Right way:

1. Click a woman singer. 2. Click a man near woman singer and click him again. 3. Click another man near woman singer. 4. Click a man with hat (Foreign Creature).

Both Wrong and Right ways are available to do.

Scene 6: Back Stage

1. Click a man (Foreign Creature). 2. Click a man head (Foreign Creature). 3. Click dress rack. 4. Click dead body of man.


Scene 7: Woman Singer's House

1. Click room door. 2. Click woman singer (Foreign Creature). 3. Click dog. 4. Click sofa. 5. Click one of book on the rack. 6. Click dog. 7. Click TV and click it again. 8. Click fireplace. 9. Click computer monitor. 10.Click computer keyboard. 11.Click artist's photo. 12.Click woman singer (Foreign Creature). 13.Click dining table. 14.Click refrigerator. 15.Click woman singer (Foreign Creature).



Bonus Scene #1: City Park (happened after scene 7)

1. Click 3 Foreign Creature's dogs only when they idle. 2. Click 3 people's dogs after point #1 done. 3. Click woman singer (Foreign Creature).

Bonus Scene #2: House (happened after scene 3)

1. Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the right window. 2. Click mineral water bottle near window. 3. Click empty boiler. 4. Click filled water boiler. 5. Click stove. 6. Click woman when she want to spill water in washbowl. 7. Click man and click him again. 8. Click kitchen knife. 9. Click woman.

After do that, there's 2 possible ending:

1. Ending 1: Click knife. 2. Ending 2: Click gun on the rack.

/* */
Video walkthrough recorded by Tasselfoot (Might be this person? Unclear at this point)

Foreign Creature 2 Walkthrough

Posted by DiMono - February 1st, 2010

Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup

For anyone who's wondering what the best score you can realistically get in this game is here on Newgrounds... it's probably something like this.

I normally play this on my computer at home, which is very fast. The other day I played it at work and found I could more reliably get a solid score, because the computer runs slower and I have more time to think. Took it right down to the wire this time. My score going into the final boss fight was 3.32mil and I'd only been hit once, so I was able to sacrifice some hits in the name of finishing the game.

Then, today I played at home again and after a spectacular first Act (877k going into the first boss) I got the score below, taking over 3.35mil into the final boss fight with plenty of time to spare. This game is addicting!

Feb 11, 2010 edit: Just played it again and increased my score by almost 10,000, bringing my new all time best to what you see below. Entered the final boss fight with 3.36mil and 6 hearts to burn, and got my final level up after destroying the last red circle cannon on the right armature of the final boss. I wonder if I can hit 6.2mil...

I guess you can set this game next to Paradox Embrace for medal games I totally own.

I Am So Xtreme